Il Gioco di Tex

Price: 39,95

Are you ready to impersonate the legendary Tex Willer, or one of his pards, or even Mefisto or one of Tex's other enemies? Sergio Bonelli Editore and Cranio Creations put you at the center of an old western duel... fought with dice and cards!

The Game of Tex is a boardgame that will fascinate the cardgames aficionado as well as all the new players, thanks to the easy rules and the original game mechanics that will reproduce the atmosphere of a western duel. Challenge your friends in throwing the dice and dealing the cards. Suspense, reflexes, speed and luck will be the main ingredients in every single session!

The game is embellished by a rich graphic design, faithfully inspired by the visual universe of Tex. All the images on the box and on every game element are by the great Fabio Civitelli.