Codice fantasma - Nathan Never 331 cover

Series: Nathan Never

N°: 331

Frequency: monthly

Codice fantasma

Introduction: A sinister air of death hovers over a deserted orbiting station. To find the truth, Nathan Never may have to pay a stiff price!

Release: 19/12/2018

Barcode: 977112157304980331

Price: 3,90

Plot: Silvia Mericone, Rita Porretto, Davide Rigamonti

Script: Silvia Mericone, Rita Porretto, Davide Rigamonti

Artwork: Patrizia Mandanici

Cover: Sergio Giardo

An unidentified orbiting station. An anomalous gravitational field that pulls Nathan there, during a test flight. There’s something terribly ominous in the death the oozes from the desert aisles of the station. A blind fury with roots in the past. Why all those dead bodies? Why all that blood? When the horror blends with a desperate tenderness, Nathan will be forced to understand the truth... and the meaning of the “ghost code”.