Il caso Forbes - Nathan Never 315 cover

Series: Nathan Never

N°: 315

Frequency: monthly

Il caso Forbes

Introduction: The Earth leaders gather on the Moon, and Nathan Never tries to sneak into their meeting...

Release: 17/08/2017

Barcode: 977112157304970315

Price: 3,90

Plot: Bepi Vigna

Script: Bepi Vigna

Artwork: Luigi Piccatto, Cesare Valeri, Matteo Santaniello

Cover: Sergio Giardo

Obsessed by his investigation about the mysterious connection between Justice Hoover and Demetra Larson, Nathan goes undercover to the Moon. He will try to sneak into the resort where the Earth leaders have their private yearly meeting. Once there, our hero begins with his plan to find Justice Hoover and uncover the secret of a great long-distance flyer who had disappeared two centuries ago. The solution to all this puzzle may be in a book written in an ancient alphabet, that is stored in the vaults of the Agenzia Alfa building...