Il germe della follia - Nathan Never 311 cover

Series: Nathan Never

N°: 311

Frequency: monthly

Il germe della follia

Introduction: There's a new face among the mental patients of Darthope Institute… and the man's name is Nemo!

Release: 19/04/2017

Barcode: 977112157304970311

Price: 3,90

Plot: Alessandro Russo

Script: Alessandro Russo

Artwork: Patrizia Mandanici

Cover: Sergio Giardo

There's a new patient in Darthope Institute, a mental asylum… And like everybody else here, he's concealing a secret, behind his catatonic eyes and a obviously fake name: Nemo. His secret is that he's an undercover Alfa agent, who's here to try and shed light on the other patients' secret… What if this mystery is connected with the strange green mold covering everything in the building?