La mano nera - Le Storie 54 cover

Series: Le Storie

N°: 54

Frequency: monthly

La mano nera

Introduction: In early-1900s New York City, law is enforced by Joe Petrosino and the cops of the “Italian Branch”!

Release: 11/03/2017

Barcode: 977228100804470054

Price: 4,50

Plot: Onofrio Catacchio

Script: Onofrio Catacchio

Artwork: Onofrio Catacchio

Cover: Aldo Di Gennaro

At the beginning of the 20th century, New York City is already a bustling metropolis—a teeming nest of ambition, hope, misery and fortune-seeking people who came from the Old World, crossing the ocean on the transatlantic liners. And the overcrowded area of Little Italy is the cradle of a new and ruthless criminal syndicate that the Big Apple police department is forced to contend with… Joe Petrosino is the right man for the job: with his special team – the “Italian Branch” – he knows exactly how to move in the shadows and alleys of the big city, to strike back against the homicidal schemes of… the Black Hand.