Il caso delle tre X - Speciale Julia 05 cover

Series: Speciale Julia

N°: 5

Frequency: annual

Il caso delle tre X

Introduction: A Black man is accused of murder. A young Julia investigates: is he the real perpetrator, or did he became a suspect just because of his skin color?

Release: 31/07/2019

Size: 16x21 cm, colors

Pages: 128

Barcode: 977242159904390005

Price: 6,90

Plot: Giancarlo Berardi

Script: Giancarlo Berardi and Lorenzo Calza

Artwork: Luigi Copello

Colors: Gloria Martinelli, Spartaco Lombardo

Cover: Cristiano Spadoni

The XXX Building is a Tower of Babel in a working-class neighborhood. Asheley, a young, reckless Black man lives here. When he’s accused of killing somebody, Klara Biener, a lawyer who dedicated her life to upholding the civil rights of minorities is determined to defend him, with Julia’s help.