La rivolta di Blossom Hill - Julia 243 cover

Series: Julia

N°: 243

Frequency: monthly

La rivolta di Blossom Hill

Introduction: A waved of intolerance, instigated by a few sly local politicians, pushes the Blossom Hill neighborhood on the verge of a riot!

Release: 01/12/2018

Barcode: 977112717704380243

Price: 4,50

Plot: Giancarlo Berardi

Script: Giancarlo Berardi and Lorenzo Calza

Artwork: Claudio Piccoli

Cover: Cristiano Spadoni

A riot has begun in Blossom Hill, the neighborhood where Julia lives! A few residents created a committee to make the area independent from Garden City and prevent the arrival of some refugee families. When a member of the committee is killed, Julia is involved in the murder investigation, among political interests, racial hatred, and personal jealousies…