Super Hero - Julia 241 cover

Series: Julia

N°: 241

Frequency: monthly

Super Hero

Introduction: Superheroes need help, too!

Release: 02/10/2018

Barcode: 977112717704380241

Price: 4,50

Plot: Giancarlo Berardi

Script: Giancarlo Berardi and Maurizio Mantero

Artwork: Steve Boraley

Cover: Cristiano Spadoni

Everybody needs a superhero, and now Garden City has one, too! With a futuristic armor, Super Hero roams the city streets to fight crime and bring order back. That, until he meets a shady situation, bigger than him, and needs Julia’s help to save his own life!

This issue comes with free stickers for the "Tex e gli Eroi Bonelli" sticker collection (the sticker album is embedded with Tex 695).