Dylan Dog & Mister No. Ananga!

Series: Libri Dylan Dog & Mister No

Dylan Dog & Mister No. Ananga!

Release: 06/06/2019

Type: Hardcover

Size: 19 x 26 cm, b/w e color

Pages: 432

ISBN code: 978-88-6961-392-0

Barcode: 9788869613920

Price: 29,00

Plot: Tiziano Sclavi

Script: Tiziano Sclavi

Artwork: Giovanni Freghieri, Fabio Civitelli

Cover: Bruno Brindisi

Ananga, an evil jaguar demon, wakes up in the heart of the Amazon forest. Ready to confront her, are the two most celebrated anti-hero of the Bonelli Universe: Dylan Dog and Mister No.

Two exciting adventures from the pen of Tiziano Sclavi and an epilogue written by Michele Masiero, for the first time in a single book!