La caduta degli dei - Dylan Dog 390 cover

Series: Dylan Dog

N°: 390

Frequency: monthly

La caduta degli dei

Introduction: The Nightmare Investigator is involved in the mysterious disappearance of an expert in paranormal events…

Release: 28/02/2019

Barcode: 977112158004790390

Price: 3,90

Plot: Paola Barbato

Script: Paola Barbato

Artwork: Giampiero Casertano

Cover: Gigi Cavenago

Dr. Audrey Primrose, a renowned expert in all things paranormal and fierce opposer of Dylan Dog, vanishes into thin air from inside her car. The vehicle is found with the key in, doors locked from inside, and on the seat a bone plate that comes from Primrose’s body, apparently. But what’s the connection between her disappearance and N-Limited, a spiritual-cum-environmentalist organization?

Attached to the album, the last 20 complimentary Nightmare Tarots, with art by Angelo Stano!