Mercurio Loi. Il piccolo palcoscenico

Series: Libri Mercurio Loi

Mercurio Loi. Il piccolo palcoscenico

Release: 07/02/2019

Type: Hardcover

Size: 22 x 31 cm, color

Pages: 208

ISBN code: 978-88-6961-368-5

Barcode: 9788869613685

Price: 26,00

Plot: Alessandro Bilotta

Script: Alessandro Bilotta

Artwork: Onofrio Catacchio, Sergio Gerasi

Cover: Manuele Fior

Two tales suspended between dream and reality, drama and comedy, in a new - exciting - adventure in XIX century Rome. In the first one a puppeteer tries to build a puppet with a close resemblance to Mercurio Loi; in the second Mercurio is involved in a strange challenge involving his sense of smell.