Zagor. Kandrax il mago

Series: Libri Zagor

Zagor. Kandrax il mago

Release: 12/07/2018

Type: Paperback

Size: 16 x 21 cm, b/w

Pages: 432

ISBN code: 978-88-6961-302-9

Barcode: 9788869613029

Price: 15,00

Plot: Guido Nolitta

Script: Guido Nolitta

Artwork: Gallieno Ferri

Cover: Gallieno Ferri

Zagor and Cico, along with Diggind Bill and Bat Batterton, are accompanying professor MacLeod between the sinister celtic ruins of Stone-Hill, where they find a a tomb with a crystal sarcophagus. Once opened, Kandrax the druid comes back to life! The cruel priest starts chasing them with his powers, trying to restore celtic domain on the region. But Zagor is on his path!

One of the Spirit-with-the-Hatchet's masterpiece, the debut of one of his sworn enemies.