Le copertine di Tex Gigante 1958-1978

Series: Libri Tex

Le copertine di Tex Gigante 1958-1980

Release: 03/05/2018

Size: 18 x 25, col

Pages: 336

ISBN code: 978-88-6961-270-1

Barcode: 9788869612701

Price: 28,00

Cover: Aurelio Galleppini

By Gianni Bono

"Why a cover is better than the others? Maybe because that day, the hand was happier..."
Aurelio Galleppini

October, 1958: "La Mano Rossa" hits the stands. It is the first issue of Tex Gigante, Sergio Bonelli Editore's flagship. A comic born as a strip in 1948 and grown in time into a success without comparison and a cultural phenomenon.

Just as we celebrates 70 years of the character's editorial life, here is this book in three tomes (the first: from 1958 to 1980) that presents the complete repertoire of the series' covers. An illustrated history of a modern myth, but also a road full of curious stories and anecdotes.