Dylan Dog. Nel mistero

Series: Libro Dylan Dog

Dylan Dog. Nel mistero

Release: 26/10/2017

Type: Hardcover

Size: 22 x 31 cm, color

Pages: 144

ISBN code: 978-88-6961-208-4

Barcode: 9788869612084

Price: 19,00

Plot: Tiziano Sclavi

Script: Tiziano Sclavi

Artwork: Angelo Stano

A homeless man predicts a bloody criminal act that is going to happen, and Dylan Dog is at the center of it!

This is the beginning of a new adventure of the Investigator of Nightmares, that also represents the return of Tiziano Sclavi to writing, exactly one year after "Dopo un lungo silenzio". This time, the Old Boy's creator is working with artist Angelo Stano, the same artistic couple that gave us some of the most memorable nightmares of the Craven Road tenant.