Racconti di viaggio - Dragonero 40 cover

Series: Dragonero

N°: 40

Frequency: monthly

Racconti di viaggio

Introduction: A new gathering is the chance for the Erondàr scouts to share tales of their incredible adventures!

Release: 09/09/2016

Barcode: 977228243000460040

Price: 3,90

Plot: Stefano Vietti

Script: Stefano Vietti

Artwork: Manolo Morrone, Salvatore Porcaro, Fabrizio Galliccia, Fabio Babich

Cover: Giuseppe Matteoni

It's time for a new gathering of the Erondàr scouts! It won't take place outside, this time, but inside an old hotel where Ian, Gmor & Sera arrive at nightfall along with their comrades and friends, people like Ewyan, the Northern elf, Briana with her she-wolf, the twins Jinza and Kyoden and Commander Yeraban Sarra. At dinner, the conversation is about old maps and travel stories: everybody has their adventures to tell, of course, stories about Ghoul raiders, wild Giants, huge and boorish Trolls... the scouts' everyday fight for survival!