Il globo delle anime - Speciale Dragonero 3 cover

Series: Speciale Dragonero

N°: 3

Frequency: annual

Il globo delle anime

Introduction: Sera falls victim of Ekimmu, the “devourer of souls”... Only Dragonero can rescue her!

Release: 09/07/2016

Barcode: 977238485600960003

Price: 6,90

Plot: Stefano Vietti

Script: Stefano Vietti

Artwork: Gianluca Pagliarani

Colors: Piky Hamilton

Cover: Emiliano Mammucari

Looking for their revenge against an Orc clan that massacred the people of their village, a band of corsairs seizes a chest where a powerful demon is kept prisoner: it's Ekimmu, the "Devourer of Souls"! The corsairs try to unleash the dark creature against their enemies, but things take an unexpected and disconcerting turn—the victim of the demon is Sera, the Elf! With Alben's help, Ian & Gmor begin a long and dangerous journey, trying to vanquish Ekimmu… To get the better of the monstrous creature, though, Dragonero will be at risk of losing his soul, if he'll give way to the dark side that dwells in his sword!...