Le prime radici

Series: Nathan Never

N°: 291

Frequency: monthly

Le prime radici

Introduction: Some secrets have been buried for too long: it's time to face your past, Legs!

Release: 18/08/2015

Price: 3,50

Plot: Riccardo Secchi

Script: Riccardo Secchi

Artwork: Simona Denna

Cover: Sergio Giardo

Agent Legs Weaver stubbornly refuses to answer a series of repeated and urgent calls from St.Peter Hospital, in the suburban Sector 91. There, something or somebody is waiting and it can’t be faced with weapons or the rule of law, since it is connected with the deepest faces of Legs’ personality. With the help of Nathan Never and the Agenzia’s psychologist, Julius Herschfeld, Legs is forced to retrace her past lifetime, something that she mostly kept to herself, to try and finally find some peace inside herself.