Quando il sogno finisce

Series: Nathan Never

N°: 290

Frequency: monthly

Quando il sogno finisce

Introduction: Two sisters bound by a dark alliance: only Nathan could try to break it up!

Release: 18/07/2015

Price: 3,50

Plot: Davide Rigamonti

Script: Davide Rigamonti

Artwork: Silvia Corbetta

Cover: Sergio Giardo

Two sisters, Allieson and Maggie Dern are bound by a dark alliance. A pact that ties them since when they were children, indissolubly linking opposite realities. Now, the unsteady balance of their lives risks to be altered by an unexpected event. Someone enters stage, a man who represents desire and threat at the same time — Nathan Never. What’s the secret behind an apparently enchanting encounter? How many shadows can be hidden in a fairy-tale world? And what’s in store for Special Agent Alfa, when the dream ends?