Series: Le Storie

N°: 34

Frequency: monthly


Introduction: A disquieting presence haunts the ancient Kilgorne mansion!

Release: 11/07/2015

Barcode: 977228100800650034

Price: 4,00

Plot: Gianmaria Contro

Script: Gianmaria Contro

Artwork: Francesco Ripoli

Cover: Aldo Di Gennaro

Northern England, 1827. In the shadow of the ancient mansion of the Kilgorne family, the sleepy town of Coltonbridge is under a seemingly endless rain. The family has been bereaved by a string of deaths and everything appears to be oppressed by an aura of decay… Beyond that veil of melancholy, though, far more frightening forces are brewing. A ghastly presence is about to appear. A presence that scares and… kills!