Dipartimento 51 - Il Manipolatore

Series: Universo Alfa

N°: 9

Frequency: semestral

Dipartimento 51 - Il Manipolatore

Introduction: The secrets of the dimensional passages are held by the mysterious Manipulator!

Release: 12/11/2011

Price: 6,30

Plot and script: Stefano Vietti
Artwork: Gino Vercelli
Cover: Max Bertolini

In Department 51, the research about the anomalies and the portals that open passages to other universes goes on. The arrival of the dimensional voyager Tyron takes Nicole Bayeux and her team to meet Hasan Lahore, member of one of the families who are fighting against the mysterious Manipulator and his dangerous symbionts. The fight against these enemies can begin, not before the Department 51 agents face their dark and secret past…