Sezione Eurasia - La terra dei lupi

Series: Universo Alfa

N°: 1

Frequency: semestral

Sezione Eurasia - La terra dei lupi

Introduction: A new series about Nathan Never's future world: Universo Alfa! 170 pages of pure Adventure!

Release: 16/11/2007

Price: 6,30

Plot and script: Alberto Ostini
Artwork: Antonella Platano, Silvia Corbetta and Davide Perconti
Cover: Max Bertolini

In Nathan Never's City, the Callaghan Act is on, allowing the creation of new private security and surveillance agencies, to support police in its daily fight against crime. Agenzia Alfa immediately came to the front, as one of the best and most efficient agencies, gaining credibility among the people and the establishment at the same time. But the Agencies are a business, too, and a very lucrative one; that's why, in the world order of his time, Solomon Darver located new growing markets for his agency's new branches. Head of the EuroAsian Section, located in White City, will be Asjia Heke, young and charming Maori warrior. First of all, Asjia has to find a new base for the Section she will be in charge of, and then she'll be recruiting and training new agents on site. This operation, though, will pit her against the powerful criminal syndicate that dominates the area…