Maxi Nathan Never 5

Series: Maxi Nathan Never

N°: 5

Frequency: annual

Maxi Nathan Never 5

Introduction: What secrets are hidden inside Orbiting Station Harborea 2?

Release: 09/04/2009

Price: 6,90

Plot and script: Bepi Vigna
Artwork: Maurizio Gradin
Cover: Roberto De Angelis

Jester Farmer is a multi-billionaire with ambitious projects. He built Space Station Harborea 2, where humans could live in harmony with nature. The opening of the station will be a huge media event, and Agenzia Alfa is entrusted with the security service for it. Nathan Never, Legs Weaver and her Ghost Squad, along with Sigmund Baginov, go in space, but once on the station things go wrong. An unknown terrorist group threatens to strike, while some members of the station's personnel are being horribly killed. What's hiding inside the lush vegetation of Harborea 2's greenhouses? And what's the truth about its creator?