Series: Tutto Zagor

N°: 224

Frequency: bi-weekly


Release: 28/08/1997

Plot and script: Marcello Toninelli
Artwork: Franco Donatelli
Cover: Gallieno Ferri

Canada. The Kutchin slave tribe, who takes them prisoner, captures Zagor and Chico. The Kutchins agree to join the other tribes in a great revolt against the white men, led by the mysterious “He-who-doesn’t die”, behind whom is concealed an old enemy of Zagor’s!

In this issue: The cover story begins on page 40. The story entitled “Duello ai Grandi Laghi” (by M. Toninelli and F. Bignotti), which began in the preceding issue, ends on page 39.

Thursday 1 March 1984