Sangue nero

Series: Speciale Zagor

N°: 24

Sangue nero

Introduction: A man has escaped the gallows, to look for the proof of his innocence!

Release: 30/03/2012

Price: 5,50

Plot and script: Mirko Perniola
Artwork: Gaetano e Gaspare Cassaro
Cover: Gallieno Ferri

Washington, a giant former Black slave, stands accused of killing a White man, and he’s sentenced to death. Just before being executed, the prisoner manages to escape, and he’s hunted by the law and the bounty hunters. When he stumbles upon Zagor, Washington proclaims his innocence and says he’s sure there is somebody who can testify on his favor. This somebody, though, is a drunkard that’s not likely to be believed by a jury. And, when the suspect is a Black man, there aren’t many judges inclined to a verdict of not guilty. It won’t be easy for the Spirit-with-the-Hatchet to spare Washington a bad ending...