Il maleficio di Anulka

Series: Speciale Zagor

N°: 19

Il maleficio di Anulka

Introduction: What can Zagor's hatchet do against the evil charms of a witch?

Release: 17/04/2007

Price: 5,50

Plot and script: Moreno Burattini
Artwork: Marcello Mangiantini
Cover: Gallieno Ferri

At the beginning of XVIII century, in the town called Amherst, Massachusetts, a woman was sent to the stake for witchcraft— old Anulka was found performing a magic rite with the blood of a man who had been killed a few moments before. Before burning, the witch pronounced a terrible curse against Father Glover, who sentenced her to death, and all of his descendants. Nearly a century after, a disquieting and mysterious hooded figure is threatening Julia Glover, the last survivor of her family. Zagor tries to protect the young woman from a supernatural menace, facing a presence that seems to be back from the other side to exact her vengeance…