La maledizione del Poseidon

Series: Speciale Zagor

N°: 18

La maledizione del Poseidon

Introduction: The secret of the ancient Phoenician seafarers is transformed into a curse Zagor has to grapple with!

Release: 14/04/2006

Price: 5,50

Subject: Vittorio Sossi
Script: Moreno Burattini
Artwork: Gallieno Ferri
Cover: Gallieno Ferri

The crew of the Poseidon, a seventeenth-century Dutch ship en route towards the Indies, profanates an ancient Phoenician temple dedicated to the god Baal. In ancient times, the Phoenicians had even explored as far as the Indian Ocean and they were in possession of a secret that guided their vessels on unknown seas. Captain Van Dorsen and his men get hold of it, but by the time they realize certain kinds of knowledge can be highly dangerous, it’s already too late… The commander’s last descendant, young countess Elisa, comes across some precious documents preserved in her family’s country mansion. These records might put her on the tracks of the treasure that once belonged to her forebear, but obscure presences makes themselves felt around her: the crew of the Poseidon materialize with the intent of killing! Even Zagor seems powerless in the face of a threat that comes from the Other World… until the most amazing witching spell leads him to fight for his life against a swarm of specters that cluster around him brandishing centuries-old swords!