L'orda selvaggia

Series: Speciale Zagor

N°: 17

L'orda selvaggia

Introduction: To put a stop to the slave trade that sells white women into bondage, Zagor crosses the frontier into Canada, and gets embroiled in a bloody war of independence.

Release: 16/04/2005

Price: 5,50

Subject and script: Francesco Moretti
Artwork: Roberto D’Arcangelo
Cover: Gallieno Ferri

A band of ferocious Métis makes a foray into Darkwood to abduct white and indian women so as to sell them on as slaves in the wildest backwoods of Canada. Zagor and Cico join forces with Bob, the husband of one of the kidnapped women, to stop the band and free the prisoners. But it’s a desperate undertaking: our heroes are alone against hordes of vicious adversaries, who have no qualms about using the hostages as human shields. The situation is further complicated by the war a group of Canadian rebels, headed by General Daguerre, is waging to obtain the independence of their land from the central government…