Lo Squalo del Caribe

Series: Speciale Mark

N°: 1

Lo Squalo del Caribe

Release: 01/05/1990

Plot and script: Dario Guzzon
Artwork: Lina Buffolente
(enclosed is the small album “Guerre di Frontiera”, script by Stefano Marzorati; cover design by Claudio Villa)

Elias Cooper, an old friend of Mark’s, an inventor and a patriot, has been kidnapped by someone who has a particular interest in his research on a new alloy for the casting of guns. Suspicion falls on the Shark of the Caribbean, the owner of a small island of the Bahamas where a multitude of black slaves work in a foundry. Together with El Gancho and his companions, Mark sails toward the islet, but before managing to set the good Elias free he will have to win the Shark’s confidence...