Nuova Londra

Series: Speciale Legs Weaver

N°: 9

Frequency: annual

Nuova Londra

Introduction: The timeless appeal of the gas lamps, of the carriages that glide along the cobbled roads, of wispy fog drifting down the streets. It’s nineteenth-century London come back to life… But are we sure nostalgia doesn’t bring an element of risk with it?

Release: 02/08/2003

Plot and script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Anna Lazzarini and Patrizia Mandanici
Cover: Mario Atzori

Gloomy fog-bound “New London”, the city of steam, is the scene of fervent preparations: the plan conceived by George Gordon Byron, the lord of the city, is finally about to be brought into action. It won’t be long now before the “Skyrumble”, a military satellite capable of blocking any electronic device for a protracted period of time, is in his hands and he will be able to plunge the Earth back into a restored Victorian era. But Legs and Janet Blaise, on the hunt for the group of ruthless women who call themselves the “Amazons” and a really a bunch of criminals, will end up interfering with Gordon’s plans…