Trappola di celluloide

Series: Speciale Martin Mystère

N°: 26

Trappola di celluloide

Introduction: A secret hidden for more than a century… An upsetting truth is about to be revealed!

Release: 10/07/2009

Price: 6,90

Plot and script: Carlo Recagno
Artwork: Rodolfo Torti
Cover: Giancarlo Alessandrini

Attached: Martin Mystère Presenta: Mystery Movies
Plot and script: Alfredo Castelli
Artwork: Giancarlo Alessandrini, Lucio Filippucci, Alfredo Orlandi

France, 1888. A man mysteriously disappears during a train journey. For all its trying, the police is not able to find him. The man’s name was Louis Le Prince, and he had just invented cinema. United States, 2009: a top secret dossier is opened after more than a century, upsetting “Elsewhere” as well as the Men in Black. Both organization begin to actively search for the only person who could give them the answers they need — the light-headed Angie. But Angie disappeared as well, and the only chance to find her is asking Martin Mystère for help… Attached: “Martin Mystère Presenta: Mystery Movies”, with three short story (featuring the Detective of the Impossible), for a journey through “mysterious” cinema.