Horror Cico

Series: Speciali Cico/racc.1

N°: 6

Frequency: annual

Horror Cico

Release: 01/05/1990

Plot and script: Tiziano Sclavi
Artwork: Francesco Gamba
Cover: Gallieno Ferri

There is no peace on planet Babelia: Mexon, Xanor and Gowan fight for power and Mexon, in order to become an absolute dictator, decides to come to Earth and aspirate (yeh, that’s right, “aspirate”!) Chico’s brain. Obviously our hero does not agree with Mexon, who however makes use of very persuasive individuals: a Frankenstein monster that speaks with a French uvular “r”, an alien wolf man, a cross eyed Cyclops. The Mexican’s only allies: a toothless vampire and a talking skeleton. But perhaps there is still hope for Chico…