L'amuleto di Tin Hinan e altri racconti

Series: Martin Mystère Extra

N°: 12

Frequency: semestral

L'amuleto di Tin Hinan e altri racconti

Release: 01/07/1998

Subject and script: Alfredo Castelli
Artwork: Lucio Filippucci/Giuseppe Palumbo/Franco Devescovi/ Giancarlo Alessandrini/Rodolfo Torti/Gino Vercelli/Giorgio Cavazzano/Lucia Arduini
Cover Design: Giancarlo Alessandrini

Eleven stories that are really hard to get hold of anywhere else, some short and some less short, about Martin Mystère: “L'Amuleto di Tin Hinan” is the opening adventure which takes place between Monza and the Sahara, followed by three stories respectively set in Matera, Trieste and the Balearic Islands. Closing the collection: a long train journey, told over six different episodes, in which the Detective of the Impossible touches on many classical themes of the “railway” narrative, and a look in at the Carnival of Foiano, in the Chiana Valley.

In this number: from page 5 to page 52 “L’amuleto di Tin Hinan”(Castelli-Filippucci). From page 53 to page 60 “L’ora dei lupi”(Giuseppe Palumbo). From page 61 to page 88, “Il mistero della Camera rossa”(Castelli-Devescovi). From page 89 to page 96 “Il mistero di Raymond Llull” (Castelli-Alessandrini-Torti). From page 97 to page 104 “Ma mi faccia il piacere!...” (Castelli-Alessandrini). From page 105 to page 112 “Galaxy Express” (Castelli-Vercelli). From page 113 to page 120 “Scompartimento omicidi” (Castelli-Torti). From page 121 to page 128(Castelli-Cavazzano). From page 129 to page 136 “Il segreto di Anna K. (Castelli-Arduini). From page 137 to page 144 “Destinazione Inferno” (Castelli-Filippucci). From page 145 to page 152 “Fantasmi a Foiano”(Castelli-Devescovi).