Le maschere sacre

Series: Mister No

N°: 169

Frequency: monthly

Le maschere sacre

Release: 01/06/1989

Subject and Script-Writer: Guido Nolitta and Luigi Mignacco/Alberto Ongaro
Artwork: Luca Dell'Uomo/Marco Bianchini
Cover: Roberto Diso

Who has killed Aarko and Etheria? The assassin conceals himself behind an African mask: could it be Wubuà, the son of the artisan-witch-doctor Tamé? Mister No will find out the truth, but it will be painful and disturbing…

In this number: The cover story finishes on page 83. The story “Attraverso l’Africa” (“Across Africa”) (by Onagro and Bianchini) begins on page 84 and continues in the next four issues.