I difensori

Series: Nathan Never

N°: 246

Frequency: monthly

I difensori

Introduction: Agenzia Alfa is the leader of the Earth Resistance – will this be enough to solve a more and more desperate situation?

Release: 17/11/2011

Price: 3,50

Plot and script: Stefano Vietti
Artwork: Sergio Giardo
Cover: Roberto De Angelis

Sub City is the neuralgic core of the now destroyed East City, and the center of the resistance. Agenzia Alfa and the Earth Army are united in the fight against the Martian invaders, but everything seems futile, since the Uni.-mind, the control center of the Red Planet forces, created by Aran Darko, still cannot be found, just like Link, who disappeared after the attack to Earth. New and unexpected aid could come, though… and there’s something more: on Mars, a rebel group is forming and is ready to try everything to stop the Emperor’s crazy plan…