Il carnefice

Series: Nathan Never

N°: 168

Frequency: monthly

Il carnefice

Introduction: Nathan’s recent past comes back to haunt him with a painful ghost. Asjia is back. And she’s come back to kill!

Release: 20/05/2005

Price: 3,50

Subject and Script: Alberto Ostini
Artwork: Antonella Platano
Cover: Roberto De Angelis

Nathan Never is entrusted with what appears to be a routine mission: acting as a security escort for Herbert Katyn, a diplomat from the Orbiting Stations on a visit to East City for a series of lectures. But instead, our special Agent soon finds himself thrust into an abyss of horror. Katyn has received death threats from the young and implacable Maori Asija, who Nathan once met during a previous investigation. On that occasion, Nathan had a brief but intense love story with Asija, but this time, revenge is the driving force behind Asija actions: the man Nathan is protecting has, or so she claims, been guilty of the most heinous wrongdoings. But where does the truth lie?