I misteri di Lagoon

Series: Legs

N°: 118

Frequency: monthly

I misteri di Lagoon

Introduction: An epidemic of hallucinations endangers the miners of asteroid LG 00 N: Legs has to shed light on this mysterious phenomenon…

Release: 08/09/2005

Subject and script: Michele Medda
Artwork: Pier Nicola Gallo
Cover: Mario Atzori

Up on the mining asteroid LG 00 N, commonly known as “the lagoon of beautiful dreams”, the teams are at work extracting gorgonite, a mineral not regarded as being of any great value but widely used in the construction industry on Earth. When strange accidents start to happen, Legs is hired by the Blythe Company, the firm that has the contract for exploiting the mines on the asteroid. She’s hired as a security agent, with the task of figuring out what’s behind the strange hallucinations that are jeopardizing the mining operations. But Legs soon realizes she herself is not immune to the problem: quite the opposite, in fact… and meanwhile the hallucination episodes start to