Series: Legs

N°: 117

Frequency: monthly


Introduction: What terrible secret did professor Johnson want to reveal before tragically breathing his last in Legs’s arms?

Release: 10/08/2005

Subject and script: Bepi Vigna
Artwork: Simona Denna and Francesca Palomba and Maurizio Gradin
Cover: Mario Atzori

After being contacted by a certain professor Johnson, Legs and Janet get to the appointed meeting place just in time to see the man die in their arms. Before breathing his last, the professor somehow finds the strength to utter a name: Richard Dix. The investigations carried out by Legs soon bring to light an abominable genetic engineering plan that’s been set up with the involvement of the Reginald Company, an important pharmaceutical industry, but before our heroines can find those responsible for all this, Janet gets kidnapped!