La donna senza paura

Series: Legs

N°: 113

Frequency: monthly

La donna senza paura

Introduction: Who is Valentina Adams? A quiet housewife or a former member of the “Fearless Agent Patrol”?

Release: 06/04/2005

Subject and script: Luigi Mignacco
Artwork: Melissa Zanella
Cover: Mario Atzori

Valentina Adams appears to be a perfectly normal housewife, and yet the story of all the misadventures that have befallen her in the last few months leaves Legs absolutely gobsmacked! Well, so would you be: Ms Adams has unflappably faced situations that would have made even the bravest and most highly trained Special Agent’s blood run cold: enormous worms appearing out of nowhere, gigantic crabs attacking bathers, car rides at breakneck speed down steep winding mountain roads without the help of the brakes! At first Legs is inclined to suspect Valentina is just an attention-grabber, but then she finds out that in the past the woman belonged to a special army corps known as “The Fearless Agent Patrol”, whose members were subjected to a scientific experiment designed to enable them never to be scared of anything whatsoever… So are these “accidents” just farcical tricks of fate or is there someone, surfacing from the past, who wants Valentina Adams dead?