Al termine della notte

Series: Legs

N°: 112

Frequency: monthly

Al termine della notte

Introduction: An ominous dream leads Janet and Legs to discover a secret base where horrible experiments are carried out…

Release: 04/03/2005

Subject and script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Piernicola Gallo
Cover: Mario Atzori

During the night, Janet Blaise has a terrible nightmare: chased by a monstrous being, she is saved at the very last moment by Shandra, one of the followers of the telepathic sisterhood, who also imprints a series of numbers on the palm of her hand. Convinced this is a veritable call for rescue, when Janet wakes up she manages, with Legs’s help, to find the key to solve the enigma. This marks the beginning of a new dangerous adventure that will lead to the two friends right inside a secret base where horrible experiments are being carried out, manipulations reminiscent of the ones Janet herself had to suffer during her period of imprisonment on the satellite run by S.I.M., the terrestrial secret service.