Abbandonate nello spazio

Series: Legs

N°: 102

Frequency: monthly

Abbandonate nello spazio

Introduction: Engaged in a high risk mission, Legs and May find out that things are even worse than they seemed at first sight!

Release: 11/05/2004

Plot and script: Angelica Tintori
Artwork: Simona Denna
Cover: Mario Atzori

When “Airframe Limited”, the top private aerospace company, is preparing to launch into orbit the space craft “Auriga”, the fruit of cutting-edge technological research, Legs and May are hired to supervise the safety of the mission. The “Auriga” crew are given the task of traveling to the planet Jupiter to study the consequence of an abnormal phenomenon that has occurred in that sector of the cosmos. It’s phenomenon known as an “energy string”, which is responsible for the disappearance of the scientific base “Argo”…