Fuoco assassino

Series: Legs

N°: 98

Frequency: monthly

Fuoco assassino

Introduction: Unscrupulous speculators, a coveted property, an old lady who keeps firm control over things… Definitely, it wasn’t a good idea to set oneself against Leopoldina Mickulic and her army of cats!

Release: 09/01/2004

Plot and script: Gabriella Cordone and Alberto Lisiero
Artwork: Francesco Rizzato
Cover: Mario Atzori

A bomb attack on an ancient college building involves Legs in a bizarre mission, where she finds herself having to protect a remarkable old lady, who is the one and only occupant and also the owner of the edifice together with her forty-three cats. A string of horrifying murders forces our Alfa Agent first to suspect her own client, and then, with the aid of May, to discover an amazing and shocking truth…