Series: Legs

N°: 96

Frequency: monthly


Introduction: The technology of the future may reach unimaginable levels. So far beyond our forecasting ability that it might seem like the most amazing form of magic!

Release: 08/11/2003

Plot and script: Diego Cajelli
Artwork: Davide Perconti
Cover: Mario Atzori

What happens when a powerful multinational has its demise prophesied by a sentient megacomputer that shouldn’t even exist? To avoid financial collapse, its managers decide to eliminate Wayne Bennet, a brilliant “instinctual hacker” who is destined to bring their empire down. It’s up to Legs and May to protect him from his enemies, with the aid of a most exceptional ally: Tiresia the soothsayer, who gets a new electronic incarnation in the meanders of cyberspace…