Chi ha ucciso Jack Kahio?

Series: Legs

N°: 94

Frequency: monthly

Chi ha ucciso Jack Kahio?

Introduction: Ballad for a dead friend… But the time for remembering must give way to the time for action!

Release: 10/09/2003

Subject: Stefano Piani and Pier Nicola Gallo
Script-writer: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Pier Nicola Gallo
Cover: Mario Atzori

To all appearances it’s a morning just like any other in New Barbour, when Jack Kahio, the former “sumo” wrestler who’s a friend of Legs, steps out of the Investigations Agency he runs. But one should always be wary of mornings like this: sure enough, no more than a few hundred yards away from his office two killers move up toward Jack and shoot him. Legs is informed of this vicious event by Harry Coogan, a police officer and a childhood friend of Jack’s… And so, through the story recounted by Coogan, we see Jack’s childhood and adolescence unfolding before our eyes: his first girlfriends, his friendship with Coogan, his passion for sumo… And death, which affects Jack in the sphere of his nearest and dearest ones…