L'enigma del Biorama

Series: Legs

N°: 91

Frequency: monthly

L'enigma del Biorama

Introduction: The two-fronted woman Gijane, with the midget Tensi and their motley array of fellow prisoners, will show Legs and May the way to truth just where they least expected it…

Release: 10/06/2003

Plot and script: Gelsomina Riccio
Artwork: Antonella Vicari
Cover: Mario Atzori

Legs and May are looking into the Biorama, an attraction in the Olo-Resort amusement park where deformed beings are put on show, like in an updated version of the Barnum circus. But where do these creatures come from? And, above all, which ones are the real monsters? Those poor freaks of nature or Eloim Noah, the woman who owns the park, a devious and unscrupulous wheeler-dealer? Legs and May have no doubts in this regard…