La miniera

Series: Legs

N°: 90

Frequency: monthly

La miniera

Introduction: The army had long lost track of it, but now the deadly weapon known as “Charon” is once more at the center of attention. Even more so than would really be advisable!

Release: 09/05/2003

Plot and script: Giorgio Pezzin
Artwork: Stefano Martino
Cover: Mario Atzori

A strange chapter of accidents casts an ominous shadow over the activities of a mine owned by the “Master Mine” company. And an even stranger cover assures Agent Weaver just the right camouflage to keep the investigations confidential. For it is in the skimpy garb of an entraîneuse that our Legs tackles a case revolving round an extremely powerful piece of military weaponry known by the somewhat unnerving name of “Charon”.