Gli esploratori

Series: Legs

N°: 87

Frequency: monthly

Gli esploratori

Introduction: Four winsome explorers, two scientists and a likeable screwball in search of a lost civilization!

Release: 06/02/2003

Plot and script: Alberto Ostini
Artwork: Francesca Palomba
Cover: Mario Atzori

The expedition headed by Legs and May, in which two illustrious archeologists are taking part as well as the representatives of Arkéion, a prestigious foundation for conservation of the art heritage, is pressing forward into the lush tangle of the equatorial forest in search of the long-gone vestiges of the mythical civilization of Nzondo, of which all traces have been lost since time immemorial. But the dense jungle foliage hides a whole host of perils. Furthermore even the two members of Arkéion, despite their benign appearance, seem to be hiding a far less reassuring countenance behind their outward façade…