La civiltà Nzondo

Series: Legs

N°: 86

Frequency: monthly

La civiltà Nzondo

Introduction: An ancient amulet provides the key to discover the vestiges of an ancient lost African civilization. And Legs and May will unravel the enigma together with a neighbor who is indeed most… original!

Release: 09/01/2003

Plot and script: Alberto Ostini
Artwork: Francesca Palomba
Cover: Mario Atzori

The new eccentric neighbor who has moved in next door to Legs and May, Groggy, accidentally comes into possession of a small lance-shaped amulet. The amulet is part of an ancient African idol, and if fitted into the statuette, it would allow identification of the place where the Nzondo civilization - whose origins are now shrouded in the depths of mythical time - first developed. But there are all sorts of people who covet this amulet, and so Legs and May seek help from a truly distinguished academic, the famously long-winded Bruno von Markiz...