Quinto: non uccidere

Series: Legs

N°: 80

Frequency: monthly

Quinto: non uccidere

Introduction: Corrigan country jail devours the souls of the inmates, right up to the moment when even their bodies are wiped out…

Release: 05/07/2002

Plot and script: Angelica Tintori
Artwork: Lola Airaghi
Cover: Mario Atzori

Attorney Denise Moore, appointed by the court to defend Avalon Fahey, asks Agenzia Alfa to carry out a further investigation. Fahey is accused of a horrible crime: the slaughter of an entire family, a crime he’s alleged to have committed when he was barely nineteen. The investigation proves to be a bit more tricky than was expected, and obliges Legs and May to ponder on the crueler aspects of a legal system grounded, like that of the state of Falkataxas, on capital punishment.