Verso l'Apocalisse

Series: Martin Mystere

N°: 208

Frequency: monthly

Verso l'Apocalisse

Release: 14/07/1999

Price: 3,20

Subject and Script-writer: Marco Bertoli/Andrea Pasini/ Enzo Verrengia
Artwork: Franco Devescovi/ Nando and Denisio Esposito (Esposito Bros.)
Cover: Giancarlo Alessandrini

As the count-down comes closer and closer to the end-point, expected for the end of 1999, the risk of an Armageddon that will destroy the planet increases. At the end of the adventure, the “Rotor” sect is on the verge of succeeding. In the second part of the album, a new story involving the Detective of the Impossible is sparked off by the Hindenburg disaster, the Zeppelin airship that tragically crashed on the 6th May 1937.

In this number: from page 5 to page 56, “L’enigma del Sator”,Plot and script-writer by Bertoli and Pasini, artwork by Devescovi. From page 57, “Tragedia nel cielo”, by Verrengia and Esposito Bros.