L'ultima vittoria

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 141

Frequency: monthly

L'ultima vittoria

Release: 14/10/2001

Script and Artwork: EsseGesse

Finally, freedom from the English yolk is on the verge of being achieved, but there is still one more obstacle standing in the way of the patriots’ march towards the plain of Yorktown, where the last stronghold still faithful to His majesty is under siege by George Washington’s militias. Naturally, it’s up to Mark and his Ontario Wolves to pave the way towards victory by carrying out a bold and daring guerilla operation. The conclusion of the conflict is not, however, the only event worthy of note: quite the opposite! What about coming to the Commander’s wedding with winsome and plucky Betty? Among the invited company, there’ll even be two quite exceptional guests… people you don’t meet every day!

This issue concludes the unabridged reprinting of all the adventures of Commander Mark. At the end of the album, a thirty-two page dossier will outline the most significant steps in the life of this character and the professional activity of his creators.